We, Cassie and Jordan – the Mini Foodie Mummies, had a dream of combining our passion of good food and the importance of QUALITY family time. As well as our learnings, struggles and obstacles from our own experiences of one being a working mum and one a stay at home mum.

When feeding our own Mini Foodies we realised there was a gap in the market for baby and toddler food which actually looked and tasted like food but would always be available.

All our Mini foodies dishes are paired with a personality trait, now we are not saying your Mini Foodie is Bossy, Sassy or any of the other traits we have chosen. We are hoping that these are words to make you chuckle, words you might be able to relate to or that may spark a conversation or memory. Our idea is for you to be sharing a moment with your Mini Foodie or give you a nod in a beautifully testing time. (Being a full time parent).

We have chosen NOT to use all organic produce, some is but honestly most isnt. All of our dishes have gone through rigorous testing to ensure it is pesticide free. Even when produce is pesticide free sometimes small local farmers or specialist can not afford to become certified organic: meaning we can only go to ones that can afford it. Some of our core values are to support other businesses and talk to the people behind the produce.  The way we see it is; if we want to grow OUR OWN Mint in OUR OWN garden we can’t call it organic, however we know it was grown with only love and no nasties.